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I wish I had known about this service years ago! Whilst I love my 1913 timber home visually, it has been hot and cold to live in throughout the years and I just put up with it. Thanks to Malcolm I have a checklist to work on and am on to number 3. Already I can feel the extra snugness. Thanks so much Malcolm and the Energise Gippsland team!

A scorecard assessment showed our home was energy efficient however we find it feels cold in winter and hot in summer. Malcolm showed us where the draughts were and that our ceiling insulation isn’t as good as we thought it was – there were holes in the insulation that we didn’t know were there. This part of the assessment was the most useful and the reason we opted for a scorecard. Now we know what to tackle to improve our comfort. Thanks Malcolm.

I am very glad I signed up for the Scorecard. I am a single, female age pensioner who plans to live in my small old fibro home for as long as possible with a small nest egg to future-proof my house. The Scorecard has shown me the way forward thru a mass of technical data and possibilities. It has also helped me to prioritise my spending. There has been guidance around appliance choice as well as suggestions about future spending. Most of all Malcolm and Rhys have been helpful, approachable, happy to share their knowledge and have both offered support in moving forward. I feel very empowered by the experience. Lots to do and more to think about! Thanks guys!

Malcolm was extremely knowledgeable, down to earth,
and helpful. Took the time to explain thoroughly. I
got lots of useful tips, small and large. As I live in public housing I was not surprised at what was lacking, but also
cheered up by the steps I could take to improve it. Very much appreciate the time, money provided and the info. Excellent!!!!

I was surprised the outcome was positive in terms of giving me knowledge for how to improve my home that I thought was too terrible to make a difference.

Greatly appreciate the time and effort of both Malcolm and Rhys to provide an energy efficiency audit and scorecard for our home. I wasn’t surprised the the house performed poorly, but it is good to document it and draw a line in the sand to use as a baseline. I appreciate the advice given and the report provided, inclusive of recommended suppliers and service providers that will be a great resource as we tackle the priority list in the future to ensure we get greatest return on our effort and expenditure, Thanks Energise Gippsland

Rhys was thorough and detailed in our assessment and gave us some good insight into ways we can improve the efficiency of our home. It was valuable to hear how the tool rated our house but also to hear from Rhys’ professional experience as an energy auditor. Now that we have a plan of action we’re ready to get to work! Thanks Rhys.

A scorecard energy Assessment was provided very professionally by Malcolm. We found the information enlightening although not totally surprised to have our suspicions validated. We have commenced with most of the recommendations – still awaiting an energy bill but we do expect to see a cost savings 🙂 The process of this assessment, in light of the increasing cost of energy, is affordable and very thoroughly undertaken. Thank you all.

Mal did a Scorecard Energy Assessment for us and we were amazed to find out how much energy was leaking from our house and costing us money.
We have made the changes he suggested and we have seen a drop in our energy bills already!
Thanks Mal and the Team at Energise Gippsland.

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