thermal image of evaporative cooler losing heat

Stop losing valuable heat to the great outdoors!

Stop losing valuable heat! If you have an evaporative cooler there’s a very good chance that you are unknowingly losing a lot of valuable heat during winter through the cooling ducts. The cooling vents typically have flimsy sealing louvres that are still very leaky and many people forget to even close those during winter and all the hot air that gathers at the ceiling slips easily and silently into the cooling ducts and out through the evaporation head on the roof.

In the attached thermal image you can see the evaporative cooler hotter than the surrounds as the hot air escapes through it- taken on a cold winter’s evening. It makes no sense to try to warm your home and let it escape at the same time and even less so with the price of gas and electricity rising.

The solution is to install evaporative cooler vent covers which seal them and prevents air leakage. They are easily to install over winter and easy to take off again for whenever you want to run the cooler. There are different types- some are help in place magnetically and others with a simple hook and cord system. We have links to a couple of suppliers here.

With several vents throughout the house, the amount of air leakage and therefore wasted energy is very large and this simple solution would pay for itself very quickly.