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Scorecard and Solar Vic

Wouldn’t it be a great step forward if the Victorian Government incorporated a Scorecard assessment with every Vic Solar rebate? With every eligible household set to reap the benefit of $2,225 off the capital cost of a solar PV system or $1000 from the cost of a solar hot water system, which includes heat pumps, and coming rebates for batteries and for renters, that’s great news for reducing fossil fuel energy sources and for the hip pocket of participating households. But what if there was an added element to the offering?

A Scorecard assessment by a Victorian Government accredited assessor could be offered as a compulsory part of the package resulting in multiple benefits:

  • A plan of action for the householder to reduce their energy use and bills even more. Draught proofing is almost always the best value retrofit action to take giving a better return in comfort levels and savings in heating costs.
  • Advice on the best Solar Vic option for them.
  • Better data on the state of Victorian homes which can drive more ambitious policy to improve the quality of new and existing dwellings.
  • Stimulate the energy efficiency sector which will employ thousands of people doing really worthwhile work.
  • Help to improve the general population’s understanding of home energy efficiency which has been the unpicked low hanging fruit for energy and cost savings for years and years.
  • It will result in greater reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by driving more actions than would come from one intervention only per household.

Yes, there are barriers. There are only 44 accredited assessors who would be overwhelmed by the amount of work if this was introduced now. However, if the intention to introduce this measure was signalled, there would be an influx of well qualified people who would go through the rigorous process of getting accredited. The process could be introduced gradually, by postcode or by making a rebate for a Scorecard assessment optional for participating households until capacity ramps up to meet the demand generated by making a Scorecard an integral part of the rebate package.

Will we see this as another offering coming from the Victorian Government?