Plumber with new heat pump HWS

Save money without losing comfort

If you want to save money without losing creature comforts like hot water, warm indoor temperatures and good lighting then look for any of your appliances that have a heating element and replace them with efficient alternatives. Electric elements in hot water storage systems can chew through power at up to 4.8 kilowatts an hour which is incredibly wasteful now we have much more efficient and effective alternatives.

Unlike electric elements, heat pumps don’t actually generate heat. Instead, they gather heat from the air and pump it elsewhere. It’s the same technology as your fridge or freezer, where the heat is gathered from inside the fridge and pumped outside. For reverse cycle air conditioners, the heat can flow in either direction and for hot water, the heat is pumped from outside into the hot water storage tank. For one unit of electrical energy used, they can deliver up to seven units of heat (or cool). A conventional electric hot water unit can only deliver one unit of heat for each unit of electrical energy input. It’s even worse for gas as there are inbuilt losses of heat from gas appliances, so that one unit of gas energy energy can only deliver about 0.8 units of heat.

As for lights, you could consider the old style incandescent light globes and halogen downlights as heaters that also make a bit of light. If you still have any of these in your house change them to LEDs- you’ll save energy and money straight away.

These are all keys steps you’ll need to make to reach Energy Freedom- living with no energy bills. It’s definitely achievable and we’d love to help you by doing an assessment of your home and giving you a plan to get there.