How to draught proof your doors

Draught proofing your doors is one of the easier jobs to do on your way to a cosy and energy efficient home. The edges of an  average door might have the equivalent of a fist sized hole or larger in it, allowing a lot of air and heat to leak in or out. You wouldn’t leave a 10cm hole in the door or wall without patching it up and it’s the same with the door edges.

There are a number of options- the cheap stick on foam or rubber strips from the local hardware store with a door snake for the bottom or long lasting compression strips (see the picture) with a durable and automatic sealing bottom seal. We recommend using the  compression sealing strips because they can be placed to match the gap without affecting the latch mechanism which makes the stick on products difficult to live with!

For the door bottom seal, we recommend the type with a flap that automatically seals the door when it’s closed but raises to clear carpet or other material when the door opens.

By sealing all your external doors and windows, you can expect to feel more comfortable with fewer draughts and save on your heating and cooling bills. Using the stick on materials and a basic door bottom seal you could do it yourself for $20 or so or for a longer lasting job done for you, it would cost around $100. Either way, the comfort and energy savings make this an extremely wise investment.

Baw Baw Sustainability Network can supply (and fit if you want) the door sealing strips and bottom seals. You can contact them at or check the website.