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Frequently asked questions

How will getting an assessment give me value for money?

The typical Victorian household is spending around $2,800 a year on gas and electricity. Studies have shown the average saving achieved with reasonable upgrades is $1,400 a year. Evidence from the Australian Capital Territory, where it is mandatory to display the energy efficiency of homes for sale or rent, shows that for each extra star rating an extra 3% on the sale price is achieved. (Scorecard is not the system currently used in ACT)

How are the assessors accredited?

The Victorian government accredits and audits all Scorecard assessors to ensure consistent standards are met. You can see more information on their page here.

What does a Scorecard certificate look like?

The certificate is a two page document that shows the efficiency star rating, hot weather rating and the rating of other energy related features of the home like heating, cooling and hot water appliances. It also shows the expected effect of your solar system and outlines upgrade advice in each section. You can see a sample certificate here.

How long does an assessment take?

You should allow around 3 hours for the assessment but it may be less or more than that depending on the size of your home.

Do I have to be present throughout the assessment?

You’ll need to be there at the start of the assessment and at the end to discuss the results but you are not required for the data collection part of the process.

How have we vetted our trusted suppliers?

An important part of our service is being able to refer you to trusted suppliers of the various upgrade options. We have visited each of the suppliers on our list and sought evidence of their reputation for service, value for money and customer satisfaction. Of course you are under no obligation to use any of them and we would love to hear your feedback about any of them or other local suppliers to add to our knowledge database. We receive no financial gain from any of these suppliers. Some of them may reward you with a discount by mentioning the referral through our service. Although we have taken care to select these suppliers, we provide no warranty in relation to them, including any warranty as to features, performance or fitness for purpose of their goods or services.